endesive - 0.3.0

Grzegorz Makarewicz grzegorz.makarewicz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 09:11:39 EDT 2018

Python library for digital signing and verification of digital signatures in mail, PDF and XML documents.

The ASN.1 implementation depends on asn1crypto. Cryptographic routines depend on oscrypto and cryptography libraries, so everything is 'pure python'.

For certificate verification OpenSSL is used but I would not trust it, next version should switch to certvalidator or cryptography.

This library implements S/MIME handler which can encrypt and decrypt S/MIME messages using a public RSA key, in AES-128/192/256 CBC/OFB modes. It can also sign and verify S/MIME messages.

This library implements CAdES-B handler for signing and verifying PDF documents in Adobe.PPKLite/adbe.pkcs7.detached form. It can sign documents during generation using a modified version of pyfpdf which is included in this library. It can also sign documents generated by external programms.

This library implements XADES-BES handler for creating signed xml files.

This library implements CMS handler for signing and verifying plain text files with detached signature files.

This software is licensed under the MIT License.


#!/usr/bin/env python3
# *-* coding: utf-8 *-*
from oscrypto import asymmetric

from endesive import pdf

def main():
    dct = {
        b'sigflags': 3,
        b'contact': b'user at email.com',
        b'location': b'Szczecin',
        b'signingdate': b'20180731082642+02\'00\'',
        b'reason': b'Dokument podpisany cyfrowo',
    p12 = asymmetric.load_pkcs12(open('demo2_user1.p12', 'rb').read(), '1234')
    datau = open('pdf.pdf', 'rb').read()
    datas = pdf.cms.sign(datau, dct, p12[0], p12[1], [], 'sha256')
    with open('pdf-signed-cms.pdf', 'wb') as fp:


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