Numpy 1.14.6 release

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at
Sun Sep 23 13:36:01 EDT 2018

Hi All,

On behalf of the NumPy team, I am pleased to announce the release of NumPy
1.14.6. This is a bug fix release for bugs and regressions reported
following the 1.14.5 release. The significant fixes are:

   - Fix for behavior change in ``ma.masked_values(shrink=True)``
   - Fix the new cached allocations machinery to be thread safe.

The Python versions supported by this release are 2.7, 3.4-3.7. The wheels
are linked with OpenBLAS v0.3.0, which should fix some of the linalg
problems reported for earlier releases of NumPy 1.14. Wheels for this
release can be downloaded from PyPI <>,
source archives are available from Github

Compatibility Note

The NumPy 1.14.6 OS X wheels released on PyPI no longer contain 32-bit
binaries. See #11625 <> for the
related discussion.  Those needing 32-bit support should look elsewhere or
build from source.


A total of 4 people contributed to this release.  People with a "+" by their
names contributed a patch for the first time.

   - Charles Harris
   - Eric Wieser
   - Julian Taylor
   - Matti Picus

Pull requests merged

A total of 4 pull requests were merged for this release.

   - #11985: BUG: fix cached allocations without the GIL
   - #11986: BUG: Undo behavior change in ma.masked_values(shrink=True)
   - #11987: BUG: fix refcount leak in PyArray_AdaptFlexibleDType
   - #11995: TST: Add Python 3.7 testing to NumPy 1.14.


Charles Harris

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