ANN: RsFile 2.2 released

Pascal Chambon pythoniks at
Sun Jan 20 05:29:32 EST 2019

Dear pythoneers,

I'm pleased to announce version 2.2 of RSFile I/O Library, which adds 
support for python3.6 and python3.7, and fixes some corner cases when 
using PIPEs.

RSFile provides pure-python drop-in replacements for the classes of the 
io module, and for the open() builtin.

Its goal is to provide a cross-platform, reliable, and comprehensive 
synchronous file I/O API, with advanced features like fine-grained 
opening modes, shared/exclusive file record locking, thread-safety, 
cache synchronization, file descriptor inheritability, and handy stat 
getters (size, inode, times…).

Locking is performed using actual file record locking capabilities of 
the OS, not by using separate files/directories as locking markers, or 
other fragile gimmicks. Unix users might particularly be interested by 
the workaround that this library provides, concerning the weird semantic 
of fcntl() locks (when any descriptor to a disk file is closed, the 
process loses ALL locks acquired on this file through any descriptor).

Possible use cases for this library: concurrently writing to logs 
without ending up with garbled data, manipulating sensitive data like 
disk-based databases, synchronizing heterogeneous producer/consumer 
processes when multiprocessing semaphores aren’t an option…

Tested on python2.7 and python3.5+, on windows and unix-like systems. 
Should work with IronPython/Jython/PyPy too, since it uses stdlib 
utilities and ctypes bridges.

Pascal Chambon

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