[python-committers] formalising retirement as a Python committer

Andrew MacIntyre andymac at bullseye.apana.org.au
Sat Jan 2 07:06:38 EST 2016

Sadly I have come to the conclusion that there is no realistic prospect 
of my being able to actively contribute to Python development in the 
foreseeable future given my current pursuits and interests, though I 
rely heavily on Python both personally and professionally.

As a practical matter I have not actively participated in Python 
development in some years and as a consequence I don't think I have any 
valid keys still on record.  Nor do I now have any operational OS/2 
systems to support the Python port to that platform that was my primary 
interest and contribution.

I would therefore request that appropriate administrative action be 
taken to close off any commit privileges previously granted to me that 
may still be active.

Beyond the OS/2 port, it pleases me that I was able to make several 
small contributions of more general utility.

While the announcement today of the planned move of the Python 
repository to GitHub has no bearing whatsoever on my decision, I would 
note that GitHub's requirement that a person only have one account - to 
be used for both personal activity and any activity on behalf of an 
employer - is of sufficient concern to me that had I decided to continue 
as a committer I would be seeking legal advice concerning my position. 
I say this as to date I have been able to satisfy my employer's 
requirements for clear separation of my personal activities, including 
my participation in Python development, from my activities as an 
employee.  This has been possible by exclusively using only provably 
personal resources, including accounts and internet access, for personal 
activities.  Such clear separation becomes much more difficult when 
resources such as accounts are shared between personal and employee 
roles, especially when being seen to do the right thing is as important 
as actually doing the right thing.

My best wishes to all who have made Python what it is and for Python's 

Andrew MacIntyre.

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