[python-committers] Revert changes which break too many buildbots

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 10:03:05 EDT 2017

2017-07-05 15:51 GMT+02:00 Victor Stinner <victor.stinner at gmail.com>:
> Ok, since I spent weeks on fixing buildbots, I'm now more confident
> that our buildbots are super stable. Since a test_datetime change
> introduced a *regression* (ARMv7 started to fail), I reverted the
> first commit:
> https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/2588

Crap. I created this PR using the [Revert] button. While the changes
are fine, I didn't notice the giant commit message which is wrong and
spamed me with notifications on unrelated issues :-/

Sorry for the spam...

commit 8207c17486baece8ed0ac42d9f8d69ecec4ba7e4
Author: Victor Stinner <victor.stinner at gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 5 15:44:52 2017 +0200

    Revert "bpo-30822: Fix testing of datetime module." (#2588)

    * Revert "bpo-30854: Fix compile error when --without-threads (#2581)"

    This reverts commit 0c3116309307ad2c7f8e2d2096612f4ab33cbb62.

    * Revert "NEWS for 30777 (#2576)"

    This reverts commit aaa917ff38f9869eeebe3bc9469bfee64089d826.

    * Revert "bpo-21624: IDLE -- minor htest fixes (#2575)"

    This reverts commit 2000150c569941584994ec4ec59171961209bec3.

    * Revert "bpo-30777: IDLE: configdialog - add docstrings and
improve comments (#2440)"

    This reverts commit 7eb5883ac59833bf63f0e1f7fb95671a1ac1ee08.

    * Revert "bpo-30319: socket.close() now ignores ECONNRESET (#2565)"

    This reverts commit 67e1478dba6efe60b8e1890192014b8b06dd6bd9.

    * Revert "bpo-30789: Use a single memory block for co_extra. (#2555)"

    This reverts commit 378ebb6578b9d709f38b888d23874c0b18125249.

    * Revert "bpo-30845: Enhance test_concurrent_futures cleanup (#2564)"

    This reverts commit 3df9dec425b0254df1cdf41922fd8d6b08bf47e4.

    * Revert "bpo-29293: multiprocessing.Condition.notify() lacks
parameter `n` (#2480)"

    This reverts commit 48350412b70c76fa51f488cfc736c80d59b5e8eb.

    * Revert "Remove outdated FOX from GUI FAQ (GH-2538)"

    This reverts commit d3ed2877a798d07df75422afe136b4727e500c99.

    * Revert "bpo-6691: Pyclbr now reports nested classes and
functions. (#2503)"

    This reverts commit 246ff3bd00f97658e567a7087645a6b76e056491.

    * Revert "bpo-29464: Rename METH_FASTCALL to

    This reverts commit 6969eaf4682beb01bc95eeb14f5ce6c01312e297.

    * Revert "bpo-30832: Remove own implementation for thread-local
storage (#2537)"

    This reverts commit aa0aa0492c5fffe750a26d2ab13737a1a6d7d63c.

    * Revert "bpo-30764: Fix regrtest --fail-env-changed --forever (#2536)"

    This reverts commit 5e87592fd12e0b7c41edc11d4885ed7298d5063b.

    * Revert "bpo-30822: Deduplicate ZoneInfoTest classes in
test_datetime. (#2534)"

    This reverts commit 34b54873b51a1ebee2a3c57b7205537b4f33128d.

    * Revert "bpo-30822: Fix testing of datetime module. (#2530)"

    This reverts commit 98b6bc3bf72532b784a1c1fa76eaa6026a663e44.


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