[python-committers] possible future PEP discussion format [was: Transfer of power]

Neil Schemenauer nas-python at arctrix.com
Fri Jul 13 16:14:13 EDT 2018

On 2018-07-13, Ethan Furman wrote:
> I stopped reading the PEP 572 threads once it was painfully
> obvious that almost all new replies were just saying the same
> things over and over and over...

Perhaps this can be seen as a kind of economic problem.  What is the
cost of posting to a PEP discussion thread vs the cost of everyone
reading that post?  Or, what is the value of the comment vs what is
cost for everyone to read it?

With the current discussion method, the costs are often
disproportionate. You have hundreds of people reading the thread.
So that cost is pretty high.  Posting a half-baked comment is too
easy.  Starting a new thread with a new subject line is too easy.

One idea is to have a list dedicated to PEP discussions.  We could
establish a set of rules (cultural norms) for discussion on that
list.  E.g.

- do your background research before posting: read PEP in its
  entirety, read complete PEP discussion thread

- make high quality posts: ensure your points are truly bringing new
  ideas forth, present them clearly and succinctly

- lay down rules for subject lines of posts, when you can start a
  new thread.  Off topic discussion should go back to python-ideas.

python-ideas can remain a free-wheeling wild west.  Make the PEP
discussion list a formal discussion forum.  If people don't follow
the rules, warn them and ultimately ban them from the list.

Thinking about subject line rules, it would be helpful to organize
threads by PEP, by topic and sub-topic.  E.g.

    PEP 572: R: informal educator feedback
    PEP 572: S: comprehension scope
    PEP 572: S: operator precedence of :=

Possible topic abbreviations:

    R: Rationale
    S: Syntax and semantics
    E: Examples



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