[python-committers] possible future PEP discussion format [was: Transfer of power]

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sat Jul 14 18:59:11 EDT 2018

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018, 13:14 Neil Schemenauer, <nas-python at arctrix.com>

> On 2018-07-13, Ethan Furman wrote:
> > I stopped reading the PEP 572 threads once it was painfully
> > obvious that almost all new replies were just saying the same
> > things over and over and over...
> Perhaps this can be seen as a kind of economic problem.  What is the
> cost of posting to a PEP discussion thread vs the cost of everyone
> reading that post?  Or, what is the value of the comment vs what is
> cost for everyone to read it?
> With the current discussion method, the costs are often
> disproportionate. You have hundreds of people reading the thread.
> So that cost is pretty high.  Posting a half-baked comment is too
> easy.  Starting a new thread with a new subject line is too easy.

While I'm not ready to start talking about a tweaked PEP process, I will
say that this disproportionate cost is definitely an issue from my


> One idea is to have a list dedicated to PEP discussions.  We could
> establish a set of rules (cultural norms) for discussion on that
> list.  E.g.
> - do your background research before posting: read PEP in its
>   entirety, read complete PEP discussion thread
> - make high quality posts: ensure your points are truly bringing new
>   ideas forth, present them clearly and succinctly
> - lay down rules for subject lines of posts, when you can start a
>   new thread.  Off topic discussion should go back to python-ideas.
> python-ideas can remain a free-wheeling wild west.  Make the PEP
> discussion list a formal discussion forum.  If people don't follow
> the rules, warn them and ultimately ban them from the list.
> Thinking about subject line rules, it would be helpful to organize
> threads by PEP, by topic and sub-topic.  E.g.
>     PEP 572: R: informal educator feedback
>     PEP 572: S: comprehension scope
>     PEP 572: S: operator precedence of :=
> Possible topic abbreviations:
>     R: Rationale
>     S: Syntax and semantics
>     E: Examples
> Regards,
>   Neil
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