[python-committers] Comments on moving issues to GitHub

Mariatta Wijaya mariatta.wijaya at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 19:07:32 EDT 2018

Yup, the "mystery" was just for fun 😛
There is no secret. I've been thinking that we should start using GitHub
issues instead of the b.p.o.

I realized not everyone was able to get to the language summit, and I fully
intended to update python-committers with this idea.
I just haven't been reading the mailing list for sometime until today.

For those who missed it, some resources:

1. My language summit slides (
There are 3 bonus slides at the end which I did not get to cover, because
we were running late and it was lunchtime. (in the end, we were 3 hrs
Those can be discussed in core-workflow.

2. LWN article: https://lwn.net/Articles/754779/
I will not be reading/responding to the comments in LWN. 🤐

3. My initial research into this topic:


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