[PYTHON-CRYPTO] TimeoutConnection

Yun Fu fu at CS.DUKE.EDU
Tue Jul 20 04:32:48 CEST 2004

Hi All,

I wrote a TimeoutConnection.py to support timeout on a SSL
connection. I decided to wrap it up as a package with demo
to share with everybody. You can download it from


Basically, I borrowed lots of ideas from Timothy O'Malley
timeoutsocket.py. However, nonblocking SSL is more complicated
and weird. The code was built for my own research purpose.
I notice there were quite a lot of questions on this list for
nonblocking sockets and select() usage for SSL connections.
So I decide to release my implementation to listen for opinions.
Hopefully, it can be added into M2Crypto in the future.

To use it, you need to apply _ssl.diff patch, which is basically
dave.patch, and copy TimeoutConnection.py to your own code.
I have a README in the package.


Yun Fu

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