[Python-Dev] Relative Package Imports

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 12:20:53 +0000

Tim Peters wrote:
> [MAL]
> > I agree that it's ugly to include the __ attribute in the module
> > namespace due to the possible circular reference (parent->module,
> > module->parent), but the patch I sent doesn't do this... or was
> > "ugly" referring to the two underscores looking strange ?
> >
> > Could you elaborate a bit on the reasons for dropping __ support ?
> There are two sections on why __ was dropped in
>     http://www.python.org/doc/essays/packages.html
> They don't refer to circularity, but to "limited use", "poor readability"
> and "awkwardness". 

Which are all quite subjective.

> A deeper reason may be hiding in the essay's "most
> packages will have a relative shallow substructure":  this is Guido <wink>,
> the man who invented two-level scoping, and class inheritance without a
> "super" hook back to the (anonymous) parent.  For all Python's dynamicism,
> it very much favors shallow, static name hierarchies.  I don't think it's
> coincidence that Python's own source code is in a two-level directory
> structure either!  The only #include with a ".." is in grammar.h, and there
> it's in a comment <wink>:
>     #include "bitset.h" /* Sigh... */
> So if we cut to the core here, I'd bet Guido doesn't object so much to
> relative imports as to the idea that anyone would go off and create a
> package structure so fractally convoluted that relative imports are strongly
> more attractive than naming the target package in full.
> Or maybe Guido doesn't care about that at all.  I do regardless.  I know
> Python's restrictions can grate, but in all, and in my repeated experience,
> they force you to rethink complicated designs and refactor them into simpler
> schemes that fit what Python is best at spelling.  Nesting packages 8 deep
> is clumsy now?  Damn straight, and I'm thankful for that:  the clumsier it
> is, the less gratuitous inherited complexity I'll have to deal with in my
> future lives <0.5 wink>.

Nobody has suggested building 8-level package hierarchies.  In fact,
the example I gave occured when a two-level package hierarchy was
used in a two-level hierarchy.

I don't think the Package structure of Zope is flawed *except*
for the fact that it is one level too *shallow*. The ability to
do relative imports would be very helpful for the work we're doing.


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