[Python-Dev] Relative Package Imports

James C. Ahlstrom jim@interet.com
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 13:36:03 -0400

Jim Fulton wrote:
> "M.-A. Lemburg" wrote:
> >
> > Tim Peters wrote:
> (snip)
> > > As a matter of personal experience, it gets much stabler!  The older DLLs
> > > get replaced by less-buggy newer ones, thanks to version numbers, rules, and
> >
> > My experience is that intra-DLL references simply don't match anymore
> > and cause the system to become instable. Also, some weird installers
> > don't care about the version numbers and install older versions at
> > their will. The outcome is a complete version mess.
> This has been my experince too.  I cringe anytime I see some
> installer stuff DLLs in my system areas.

My experience has been the same as Tim's.  You should generally
upgrade DLL's as a matter of course, because your system will
be more stable.

Installers are required to check DLL versions before replacing
them.  Not doing this is a major sin, and reason enough to stop
dealing with a vendor.

Jim Ahlstrom