[Python-Dev] new popen for win32!

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sat, 8 Jul 2000 22:04:44 -0400

[Fredrik Lundh]
> just a few questions before I prepare the patch...
> - first, a stupid question: is the popen2 and popen3
>   versions replacements for the corresponding functions
>   in the popen2 module.
>   (or to put it another way: should the popen2 module
>   be modified to use these functions on Windows?)
> - should this go into the "nt" (posix) module, or should
>   I create a new module?

It's hard to answer because I've forgotten how I *expected* things to work
when I first moved to Windows.  So, in an ass-backwards sense, that's the
answer <wink>:  if I "import os" and do os.popen, I expect it to work.  Or,
IOW, I expect the same popen-related code to work in the same ways via the
same spelling regardless of OS.  As is, I hardly ever use anything
popen-related under Windows today because it usually craps out or hangs.
There's no point to keeping Windows code around that doesn't work!

> - "win32popenWin9x.exe" is a rather unwieldy name for a
>   file.  does anyone have a better suggestion?
>        python_popen.exe
>        py_popen9x.exe
>        popenStub.exe
>     ...?

Assuming this lives in Python's directories, no need to mention pyxxx.  How


Then it's an 8.3 name and will save mounds of directory space too <wink>.

> - I'm using VC5 on this box, so I should probably avoid
>   checking in my modified project files.  any VC6-wielding
>   volunteers out there?

Tell me exactly what it is I'm volunteering for, and probably "yes".
Certainly yes if you want me to "updgade" your VC5 .dsp/.dsw files to VC6
and mail 'em back to you, or to make the same changes in my VC6 files and
check them in.