[Python-Dev] Will Python die?

Peter Schneider-Kamp peter@schneider-kamp.de
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 16:06:37 +0000

Moshe Zadka wrote:
> My fault -- I stopped reading /. Can you summarize the thread?

The thread is about if Visual Python is an alternative for
Visual Basic or, if not, it can be used as that.

A subthread of this thread dealt with Pythons release schedule:
"Speaking of Python, does anyone know what's up with Python 1.6^H^H2.0?
 A while back, python.org had said that version 1.6 would be out on
 June 1. Then there was an announcement, mid-June that it would be
 delayed. Then at the end of June, this link was placed on python.org,
 and it was stated that the Python interpreter, version 1.6, was
 renamed to 2.0, and the first beta would be available on July 1. Now,
 on July 17, that link has been removed from python.org (although the
 webpage still exists), and the release schedule is gone!"

Quoting from relevant replies:
"python 1.6 will be out in august 
 check the downloads page of www.python.org 
 or checkout the pythonlabs at www.beopen.com 
 where most of the core python developers opened shop"

"Yeah, the Python 1.6 download page says that Python 1.6 beta1 will be
 done on July 1, and beta 2 on July 14. It's July 17 now, and the only
 available download is alpha 2...."

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