[Python-Dev] breaking list.append()

Fredrik Lundh Fredrik Lundh" <effbot@telia.com
Wed, 1 Mar 2000 09:40:01 +0100

Greg Stein wrote:
> Note that Guido posted a note to c.l.py on Monday. I believe that =
> your notification criteria.

ahem.  do you seriously believe that everyone in the
Python universe reads comp.lang.python?

afaik, most Python programmers don't.


so as far as I'm concerned, this was officially deprecated
with Guido's post.  afaik, no official python documentation
has explicitly mentioned this (and the fact that it doesn't
explicitly allow it doesn't really matter, since the docs don't
explicitly allow the x[a, b, c] syntax either.  both work in

has anyone checked the recent crop of Python books,
btw?  the eff-bot guide uses old syntax in two examples
out of 320.  how about the others?


sigh.  running checkappend over a 50k LOC application, I
just realized that it doesn't catch a very common append
pydiom. =20

how fun.  even though 99% of all append calls are "legal",
this "minor" change will break every single application and
library we have :-(

oh, wait.  xmlrpclib isn't affected.  always something!