[Python-Dev] Re: [Python-checkins] CVS: python/dist/src Makefile.in,1.82,1.83

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Wed, 1 Mar 2000 15:37:49 -0500 (EST)

Greg Stein writes:
 > Isn't the documentation better than what has been released? In other
 > words, if you release now, how could you make things worse? If something
 > does turn up during a check, you can always release again...

  Releasing is still somewhat tedious, and I don't want to ask people
to do several substantial downloads & installs.
  So far, a major navigation bug has been fonud in the test version I
posted (just now fixed online); *thats* why I don't like to release
too hastily!  I don't think waiting two more weeks is a problem.


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