[Python-Dev] Great Renaming? What is the goal?

Moshe Zadka Moshe Zadka <mzadka@geocities.com>
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 13:30:59 +0200 (IST)

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Gordon McMillan wrote:

> And if there's a /usr/local/lib/python1.5/text/encoding, there's 
> no way that /usr/local/lib/python1.5/site-
> packages/text/encoding will get searched.

Oh my god! I just realized you're right. Well, back to the drawing board.

> I haven't the foggiest what the "Perl way" is; I wouldn't be 
> surprised if it relied on un-Pythonic sociological factors. 

No, it relies on non-Pythonic (but not unpythonic -- simply different)
technical choices.

> I 
> already said the Java mechanics are silly; uniqueness is what 
> matters. 

As in all things namespacish ;-)

Though I suspect a registry will be needed much sooner.
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