[Python-Dev] OOps (was: No 1.6! (was Re: A REALLY COOL PYTHON FEATURE:))

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Tue, 16 May 2000 21:01:21 +0200

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Christian Tismer]
> > ...
> > After all, it is no surprize. They are right.
> > If we have to change their mind in order to understand
> > a basic operation, then we are wrong, not they.
> Huh!  I would not have guessed that you'd give up on Stackless that easily
> <wink>.

Noh, I didn't give up Stackless, but fishing for soles.
After Just v. R. has become my most ambitious user,
I'm happy enough.

(Again, better don't take me too serious :)

> > ...
> > Making it a method of the joining string now appears to be
> > a hack to me. (Sorry, Tim, the idea was great in the first place)
> Just the opposite here:  it looked like a hack the first time I thought of
> it, but has gotten more charming with each use.  space.join(sequence) is so
> pretty it aches.

It is absolutely phantastic.
The most uninteresting stuff in the join is the separator,
and it has the power to merge thousands of strings
together, without asking the sequence at all
 - give all power to the suppressed, long live the Python anarchy :-)

We now just have to convince the user no longer to think
of *what* to join in te first place, but how.

> redefining-truth-all-over-the-place-ly y'rs  - tim

" "-is-small-but-sooo-strong---lets-elect-new-users - ly y'rs - chris

p.s.: no this is *no* offense, just kidding.

" ".join(":-)", ":^)", "<wink> ") * 42

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