[Python-Dev] Attempt script name with '.py' appended instead of failing?

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed, 17 May 2000 03:12:27 -0400

[Mark Hammond]
> For about the 1,000,000th time in my life (no exaggeration :-), I just
> typed "python.exe foo" - I forgot the .py.

Mark, is this an Australian thing?  That is, you must be the only person on
earth (besides a guy I know from New Zealand -- Australia, New Zealand, same
thing to American eyes <wink>) who puts ".exe" at the end of "python"!  I'm
speculating that you think backwards because you're upside-down down there.

throwing-another-extension-on-the-barbie-mate-ly y'rs  - tim