[Python-Dev] ActiveState news

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Fri, 26 May 2000 01:27:13 -0400

[David Ascher]
> While not a technical point, I thought I'd mention to this group that
> ActiveState just announced several things, including some Python-related
> projects.  See www.ActiveState.com for details.

Thanks for pointing that out!  I just took a natural opportunity to plug the
Visual Studio integration on c.l.py:  it's very important that we do
everything we can to support and promote commercial Python endeavors at
every conceivable opportunity <wink>.

> PS: In case anyone's still under the delusion that cool Python
> jobs are hard to find, let me know. =)

Ditto cool speech recognition jobs in small companies about to be devoured
by Belgian conquerors.  And if anyone is under the illusion that golden
handcuffs don't bind, I can set 'em  straight on that one too.

hiring-is-darned-hard-everywhere-ly y'rs  - tim