[Python-Dev] Q: maybe rlcompleter shouldn't expose __builtins__?

Fredrik Lundh Fredrik Lundh" <effbot@telia.com
Wed, 31 May 2000 16:05:41 +0200

from comp.lang.python:

> Thanks for the info.  This choice of name is very confusing, to say =
the least.
> I used commandline completion with __buil TAB, and got __builtins__.

a simple way to avoid this problem is to change global_matches
in rlcompleter.py so that it doesn't return this name.  I suggest

                if word[:n] =3D=3D text:


                if word[:n] =3D=3D text and work !=3D "__builtins__":


(should we do a series of double-blind tests first? ;-)


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