[Python-Dev] Even more prerelease Python fun on Windows!

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 04:49:12 -0400

[Vladimir Marangozov, heroically responds to pleas for Windows help!]

>     /pub/windows/beopen-python2b1p2-20000901.exe
>     5,783,115 bytes
> In case my feedback matters, being a Windows amateur,

That's *good*:  amateurs make better testers because they're less prone to
rationalize away problems or gloss over things they needed to fix by hand.

> the installation went smoothly on my home P100

You're kidding, right?  They give away faster processors in cereal boxes now

> with some early Win95 pre-release.

Brrrrrrr.  Even toxic waste dumps won't accept *those* anymore!

> In the great Windows tradition, I was asked to reboot & did so.

That's interesting -- first report of a reboot I've gotten.  But it makes
sense:  everyone else who has tried this is an eager Windows beta tester or
a Python Windows developer, so all their system files are likely up to date.
Windows only makes you reboot if it has to *replace* a system file with a
newer one from the install (unlike Unix, Windows won't let you "unlink" a
file that's in use; that's why they have to replace popular system files
during the reboot, *before* Windows proper starts up).

> The regression tests passed in console mode.

Frankly, I'm amazed!  Please don't test anymore <0.9 wink>.

> Then launched successfully IDLE. In IDLE I get *beep* sounds every
< time I hit RETURN without typing anything.  I was able to close both
> the console and IDLE without problems.

Assuming you saw Guido's msg about the *beep*s.  If not, it's an IDLE buglet
and you're not alone.  Won't be fixed for 2b1, maybe by 2.0.

> Haven't tried the uninstall link, though.

It will work -- kinda.  It doesn't really uninstall everything on any flavor
of Windows.  I think BeOpen.com should agree to buy me an installer newer
than your Win95 prerelease.

> don't-ask-me-any-questions-about-Windows'ly y'rs

I was *going* to, and I still am.  And your score is going on your Permanent
Record, so don't screw this up!  But since you volunteered such a nice and
helpful test report, I'll give you a relatively easy one:  which company
sells Windows?

A. BeOpen PythonLabs
B. ActiveState
C. ReportLabs
D. Microsoft
E. PythonWare
F. Red Hat
G. General Motors
H. Corporation for National Research Initiatives
I. Free Software Foundation
J. Sun Microsystems
K. National Security Agency

hint:-it's-the-only-one-without-an-"e"-ly y'rs  - tim