[Python-Dev] Even more prerelease Python fun on Windows!

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov@inrialpes.fr
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 20:11:33 +0200 (CEST)

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Vladimir Marangozov, heroically responds to pleas for Windows help!]
> That's *good*:  amateurs make better testers because they're less prone to
> rationalize away problems or gloss over things they needed to fix by hand.

Thanks. This is indeed the truth.

> > the installation went smoothly on my home P100
> You're kidding, right?  They give away faster processors in cereal boxes now
> <wink>.

No. I'm proud to possess a working Pentium 100 with the F0 0F bug. This
is a genuine snapshot of the advances of a bunch of technologies at the
end of the XX century.

> > with some early Win95 pre-release.
> Brrrrrrr.  Even toxic waste dumps won't accept *those* anymore!

see above.

> > Haven't tried the uninstall link, though.
> It will work -- kinda.  It doesn't really uninstall everything on any flavor
> of Windows.  I think BeOpen.com should agree to buy me an installer newer
> than your Win95 prerelease.

Wasn't brave enough to reboot once again <wink>.

> > don't-ask-me-any-questions-about-Windows'ly y'rs
> I was *going* to, and I still am.

Seriously, if you need more feedback, you'd have to give me click by click
instructions. I'm in trouble each time I want to do any real work within
the Windows clickodrome.

> And your score is going on your Permanent Record, so don't screw this up!
> But since you volunteered such a nice and helpful test report, I'll give
> you a relatively easy one:  which company sells Windows?
> A. BeOpen PythonLabs
> B. ActiveState
> C. ReportLabs
> D. Microsoft
> E. PythonWare
> F. Red Hat
> G. General Motors
> H. Corporation for National Research Initiatives
> I. Free Software Foundation
> J. Sun Microsystems
> K. National Security Agency
> hint:-it's-the-only-one-without-an-"e"-ly y'rs  - tim

Hm. Thanks for the hint! Let's see. It's not "me" for sure. Could
be "you" though <wink>. I wish it was General Motors...

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