[Python-Dev] newimp.py

Charles G Waldman cgw@fnal.gov
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 13:19:50 -0500 (CDT)

Neil wrote:
 >Look at "cvs remove".

Sorry, I must have my "stupid" bit set today (didn't sleep enough last
night).  Do you mean that I'm supposed to cvs remove the file?  AFAIK,
when I do a "cvs update" that should remove all files that are no
longer pertinent.  Guido (or somebody else with CVS write access) does
the "cvs remove" and "cvs commit", and then when I do my next 
"cvs update" my local copy of the file should be removed.  At least
that's the way it works with all the other projects I track via CVS.

And of course if I try to "cvs remove newimp.py", I get: 

cvs [server aborted]: "remove" requires write access to the repository

as I would expect.

Or are you simply telling me that if I read the documentation on the
"cvs remove" command, the scales will fall from my eyes?  I've read
it, and it doesn't help :-(

Sorry for bugging everybody with my stupid CVS questions.  But I do
really think that something is screwy with the CVS repository.  And
I've never seen *any* documentation which suggests that you need to
manually edit the CVS/Entries file, which was Fred Drake's suggested
fix last time I reported such a problem with CVS.

Oh well, if this only affects me, then I guess the burden of proof is
on me.  Meanwhile I guess I just have to remember that I can't really
trust CVS to delete obsolete files.