[Python-Dev] Python 1.5.2 modules need porting to 2.0 because of unicode - comments please

Barry Scott barry@scottb.demon.co.uk
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 23:28:46 +0100

I have managed to get all our critical python code up and
running under 2.0b1#4, around 15,000 lines. We use win32com
and wxPython extensions. The code drive SourceSafe and includes
a Web server that schedules builds for us.

The only problem I encounted was the problem of mixing string
and unicode types.

Using the smtplib I was passing in a unicode type as the body
of the message. The send() call hangs. I use encode() and all
is well.

Is this a user error in the use of smtplib or a bug?

I found that I had a lot of unicode floating around from win32com
that I was passing into wxPython. It checks for string and raises
exceptions. More use of encode() and we are up and running.

Is this what you expected when you added unicode?