[Python-Dev] Re: [ Bug #110662 ] rfc822 (PR#358)

jbearce@copeland.com jbearce@copeland.com
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 07:22:36 -0400

No, the line break wasn't intentional.  I ran into this problem on a stock
RedHat 6.2 (intel) system with python 1.5.2 reading pages from an iPlanet
Enterprise Server 4.1 on an NT box.  The patch I included fixed the problem
for me.  This was a consistent problem for me so I should be able to
reproduce the problem, and I send you any new info I can gather.  I'll also
try 2.0b1 with my script to see if it works.


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Regarding your report in


I can't reproduce the problem. In 2.0b1,

>>> s="Location:
>>> t=rfc822.Message(cStringIO.StringIO(s))
>>> t['location']

works fine for me. If the line break between Location: and the URL in
the original report was intentional, rfc822.Message is right in
rejecting the header: Continuation lines must start with white space.

I also cannot see how the patch could improve anything; proper
continuation lines are already supported. On what system did you
experience the problem?

If I misunderstood the report, please let me know.