[Python-Dev] FW: Compiling Python 1.6 under MacOS X ...

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Hey all-

I'm trying to get the 1.6 sources to compile under the public beta of MacOS
X. I ran ./configure, then make, and it does a pretty noble job of
compiling, up until I get:

cc -g -O2 -I./../Include -I.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -c -o unicodectype.o
cc: Internal compiler error: program cpp-precomp got fatal signal 11make[1]:
*** [unicodectype.o] Error 1
make: *** [Objects] Error 2
[dhcppc4:~/Python-1.6] root#

cc -v returns:
Reading specs from /usr/libexec/ppc/2.95.2/specs
Apple Computer, Inc. version cc-796.3, based on gcc driver version

I have searched high and low, but can find no mention of this particular
error (which makes sense, sure, because of how long the beta has been out),
but any help in getting around this particular error would be appreciated.