[Python-Dev] FW: regarding the Python Developer posting...

Dan Wolfe dkwolfe@pacbell.net
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:15:52 -0700

Hi Marc-Andre,


>You could try to enable the macro at the top of unicodectype.c:
>#if defined(macintosh) || defined(MS_WIN64)
>/*XXX This was required to avoid a compiler error for an early Win64
> * cross-compiler that was used for the port to Win64. When the platform is
> * released the MS_WIN64 inclusion here should no longer be necessary.
> */
>/* This probably needs to be defined for some other compilers too. It 
>breaks the
>** 5000-label switch statement up into switches with around 1000 cases each.
>#define BREAK_SWITCH_UP return 1; } switch (ch) {
>#define BREAK_SWITCH_UP /* nothing */

I've tested it with the BREAK_SWITCH_UP to be true and it fixes the 
problem - same as using the -traditional-cpp.  However, before we commit 
this change I need to see if they are planning on fixing it... remeber 
this Mac OS X is Beta software.... :-)

>If it does compile with the work-around enabled, please
>give us a set of defines which identify the compiler and
>platform so we can enable it per default for your setup.

Auto-make is making me nuts... it's a long way from a GUI for this poor 
old mac guy.  I'll see what I can do.. stay tuned. ;-)

- Dan