[Python-Dev] Re: cgitb.py for Python 2.2

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 20:24:41 -0400

>>>>> "SC" == Simon Cozens <simon@netthink.co.uk> writes:

    >> I'm willing to entertain a new command line option for it
    >> though, so that CGI scripts can use #!/usr/bin/env python -C as
    >> their first line.

    SC> How about making it the default iff certain CGI-oid enviroment
    SC> variables are set? Or would that be way too magical?

I'm concerned about magically enabling it, because then my existing
cgi scripts have to be modified to turn it off or they will/might
break.  And I'll have to conditionalize the code to turn them off in
case my users have an older version of Python.

explicit-is-better-than-implicit-ly y'rs,