[Python-Dev] Re: AST mining (was Re: Direction of PyChecker)

David Goodger dgoodger@bigfoot.com
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 21:48:44 -0400

Neal Norwitz <neal@metaslash.com> wrote on 2001-08-14 11:13:
> Would you also want default parameter values?


> PyChecker needs all of that, plus additional info.  So there is a lot
> of overlap.

I think the DPS will use a small subset of what PyChecker needs. The only
extra information the DPS may need is attribute and additional docstrings,
string literals in certain contexts that are not currently recognized as
docstrings (see PEP 258).

> Pooling efforts would be good.  I also don't know anything about
> the ASTs/compiler, but am willing to work on it.

I look forward to it, and to reading Jeremy's docs. (Go, doc writer!)

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