[Python-Dev] Python 2.1 release schedule (PEP 226)

Guido van Rossum guido@python.org
Fri, 05 Jan 2001 10:29:05 -0500

We had our first PythonLabs meeting of the year yesterday, and we went
over the 2.1 release schedule.  The release schedule is posted in PEP
226: http://python.sourceforge.net/peps/pep-0226.html

We found that the schedule previously posted there was a bit too
aggressive, given our goals for this release, so we have adjusted the
dates somewhat.  We have also decided on a date for the first alpha
release (previously unmentioned in the PEP).  So, here are the
relevant dates:

    19-Jan-2001: First 2.1 alpha release
    23-Feb-2001: First 2.1 beta release
    01-Apr-2001: 2.1 final release

We're already in PEP freeze mode -- no more PEPs will be considered
for inclusion in 2.1.  Below is a list of the PEPs that we are
currently considering, with some comments.  But first some general

- The alpha release cycle is for testing of tentative features.  Alpha
  releases contain working code that we want to see widely tested;
  however, it's possible that a feature present in an alpha release is
  changed or even retracted in a later release.

- Beta releases represent a feature freeze -- after the first beta
  release, we will resign ourselves to fixing bugs.  Once beta 1 is
  released, no new features will be introduced, and no features will
  be withdrawn.

The alpha cycle is especially important for features (such as nested
scopes) that (may) introduce backwards incompatibilities.  There may
be more than one alpha release depending on feedback on the alpha 1
release.  (But having too many alpha releases is not good -- people
won't bother downloading.)

Thus, we can only introduce a new feature in beta 1 if we're very sure
that it is mature enough to stay without interface changes.  The final
decision on all PEPs under consideration has to be made before the
beta 1 release.

The beta cycle is important to ensure stability of the final release.

Specific PEPs under consideration:

 I    42  pep-0042.txt  Small Feature Requests                 Hylton

	  Actually, most of these won't be fulfilled in 2.1.

 SD  205  pep-0205.txt  Weak References                        Drake

	  Fred is still working on this.  I hope Tim can assist.  But
	  we may have to postpone this.

 S   207  pep-0207.txt  Rich Comparisons                   Lemburg, van Rossum

	  I'm pretty sure that this is a piece of cake now that the
	  coercion patches are checked in.

 S   208  pep-0208.txt  Reworking the Coercion Model           Schemenauer

	  All checked in.  Great work, Neil!

 S   217  pep-0217.txt  Display Hook for Interactive Use       Zadka

	  Moshe, this was accepted ages ago.  Would you mind
	  submitting a patch to SourceForge?  If you don't champion
	  this (and nobody else does), we may have to postpone it

 S   222  pep-0222.txt  Web Library Enhancements               Kuchling

	  This is really up to Andrew.  It seems he plans to create
	  new modules, so he won't be introducing incompatibilities in
	  existing APIs.

 S   227  pep-0227.txt  Statically Nested Scopes               Hylton

	  Jeremy is still working on a proper implementation, which he
	  hopes to have ready in time for the first alpha release

 S   229  pep-0229.txt  Using Distutils to Build Python        Kuchling

	  I just moved this from pie-in-the-sky to active.  Andrew has
	  a working prototype, it just doesn't work 100% yet, so I'm
	  very hopeful.

 S   230  pep-0230.txt  Warning Framework                      van Rossum

	  All done.

 S   232  pep-0232.txt  Function Attributes                    Warsaw

	  Still waiting for Barry to implement this, but it's pretty

 S   233  pep-0233.txt  Python Online Help                     Prescod

	  Paul, what's up with this?  Tim & I recommended to do
	  something simple and working, and then you disappeared from
	  the face of the earth.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)