[Python-Dev] Re: [Python-checkins] CVS: python/dist/src/Python ceval.c,2.217,2.218

Moshe Zadka moshez@zadka.site.co.il
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 04:06:37 +0200 (IST)

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:13:55 -0600 (CST), Skip Montanaro <skip@mojam.com> wrote:

> While it works, is it really kosher to test w's value after the DECREF?

Yes. It may not point to anything valid, but it won't be NULL.

> Just seems like an odd construct to me.  I'm used to seeing the test
> immediately after it's been set.

It was more convenient that way. And I'm pretty certain the _DECREF
macros do not change their arguments.
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