[Python-Dev] RE: Baffled on Windows

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 18:17:06 -0500

[Mark Hammond]
> winsound adds "/export:initwinsound" to the link line.  This is an
> alternative to __declspec in the sources.

Yup/arghghghgh.  It's fixed now.  Thanks!

> This all gets back to a discussion we had here nearly a year
> or so ago -

> that "DL_EXPORT" isnt capturing our semantics, and that we should
> probably create #defines that match the _intent_ of the
> definition, rather than the implementation details - ie, replace
> such.


> I'm happy to think about this and help implement it if the time
> is now right...

Same here.  Now how can we tell whether the time is right?  I must say, it
hasn't gotten better by leaving it alone for a year.  I think we need a Unix
dweeb to play along, though -- if only to confirm that their compilers are
no help.

>> Any Windows geek got a clue?

> Isn't that question a paradox? ;-)

Well, nobody else will understand this, but *we* know that Windows geeks
need more clues than everyone else put together just to get the box booted
each day (or hour <0.9 wink>).