[Python-Dev] Regarding Patch #103222: mv Python to PyCore

Dan Wolfe dkwolfe@pacbell.net
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 16:19:56 -0800

>CVS makes it it very hard to a directory...
>which will then break checkouts for everyone...

with the potential to cause development code to be lost

>Using SourceForge...have to ask the SF sysadmins

I understand... we also use CVS and periodically (usually pre alpha) 
reorganize the source... going thru SF sysadmin makes it doublely hard... 

However, since you have "released" tarball archives, it seems to me that 
the loss of the diffs and log notes is more troubling that the need to 
create an old version.... at least that's been my experience when 
building software. ;-)

>I just don't want to go through this hassle in order to make building
>easier for one relatively little-used platform.

humph. Ok, I'll accept that for now as we've only sold 100,000 Beta 
copies of Mac OS X... but if were not over 1 million users by this time 
next year... I'll eat my words. ;-)

>> It's been suggested that a build directory be created (/src/build ?) 
>> and that the target be place here. 

>I don't understand what you are proposing here; I can't imagine that
>an extra directory level could cause a slowdown.

moshez suggested this in his comment on the patch - moving the target to 
a seperate directory. I'm not sure of the implications of doing this 
however, and wondered if it might effect the running of the regression 
suite and the executable before it was installed.

>A suggestion I would be open to: change the executable name during
>build (currently a .exe suffix is added), but change it back (removing
>the .exe suffix) during the install.  That should be a small change to
>the Makefile.

You mean without using the -with-suffix command? That can probably be 
done... but based on my readings, I'd thought you reject it as not being 
"clean" and complicating the build process more than it should - not to 
mention renaming the executable behind the builder's back...  Lesser of 
two evils I guess - I'll investigate this however...

>> I'd like to see Python be easily built on "out of the box"...
>> [and] incorporated into the base Mac OS X installation...
>Just get Apple to include Python with their standard distribution and
>nobody will *have* to build Python on Mac OSX. :-)

Easier said that done as they already have the other P language 
installed. ;-) But then on the other hand, there are quite a few 
Pythonatic including me who use it in daily work at Apple. 

As I mentioned, the road to getting it in Mac OS X begins with getting it 
to build cleanly with the automated build system... so I've got to get 
this problem fixed before I start working on getting it in the build.

- Dan
  (yes, I work for Apple, but this is something that I'm doing on my own!)