[Python-Dev] Regarding Patch #103222: mv Python to PyCore

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sun, 14 Jan 2001 00:38:52 -0500

[Dan Wolfe]
> ...
> As I mentioned, the road to getting it in Mac OS X begins with
> getting it to build cleanly with the automated build system... so
> I've got to get  this problem fixed before I start working on
> getting it in the build.
> - Dan
>   (yes, I work for Apple, but this is something that I'm doing
>    on my own!)

Hang in there, Dan!  I did the first Python port to the KSR-1 on my own time
too, despite working for the visionless bastards at the time.  The rest is
history:  the glory, the fame, the riches, the groupies, the adulation of my
peers.  We won't mention the financial scandal and subsequent bankruptcy
lest it discourage you for no good reason <wink>.

BTW, "do the simplest thing that can possibly work"!  It's OK if it's a
little ugly.  Better that than force hundreds of Python-builders to get
divorced from a decade-old directory naming scheme.