[Python-Dev] problems building Python 2.1a1 on QNX 4.25

Goodger, David dgoodger@atsautomation.com
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:19:12 -0500

Marc-Andre Lemburg's patch to posixpath.py clears up the path problem.

MACHDEP is qnxJ for QNX 4.25, qnxG for QNX 4.23. I don't know what it is for
QNX 6 (Neutrino). Perhaps test for MACHDEP[:3]=='qnx'?

I'm still stuck at 'python setup.py build':

    unable to execute ld: no such file or directory
    running build
    running build_ext
    building 'struct' extension
    skipping //5/tmp/py/Python-2.1a1/Modules/structmodule.c
(build/temp.qnx-J-PCI-2.1/structmodule.o up-to-date)
    ld build/temp.qnx-J-PCI-2.1/structmodule.o -L/usr/local/lib -o
    error: command 'ld' failed with exit status 1
    make: *** [sharedmods] Error 1

Armin Steinhoff said "QNX4 doesn't support dynamic loading". Is this
compatible with distutils? If not, is there a workaround?

Neil Schemenauer asked, "what should LDSHARED say for QNX?". I don't know.
Python 2.0 compiled OK, and its makefile says LDSHARED=ld. However,
Modules/Setup has no uncommented "*shared*" line.

Those of us who rely on Python to get our work done, and who don't have the
bandwidth for the implementation complexities, owe a lot to everyone who
makes it possible to compile Python out-of-the-box. Very much appreciated.
Thank you!

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