[Python-Dev] Unicode Maintenance

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 10:31:50 +0200

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> guido wrote:
> > I'm not sure how to get you a "summary of changes", but I think you
> > can ask Fredrik directly (Martin annonced he's away on vacation).
> summary:
> - portability: made unicode object behave properly also if
>   sizeof(Py_UNICODE) > 2 and >= sizeof(long) (FL)
> - same for unicode codecs and the unicode database (MvL)
> - base unicode feature selection on unicode defines, not platform (FL)
> - wrap surrogate handling in #ifdef Py_UNICODE_WIDE (MvL, FL)
> - tweaked unit tests to work with wide unicode, by replacing explicit
>   surrogates with \U escapes (MvL)
> - configure options for narrow/wide unicode (MvL)
> - removed bogus const and register from some scalars (GvR, FL)
> - default unicode configuration for PC (Tim, FL)
> - default unicode configuration for Mac (Jack)
> - added sys.maxunicode (MvL)

Thank you for the summary. 

Please let me suggest that for the next coding party you prepare a patch 
which spans all party checkins and upload that patch with a summary
like the above to SF. That way we can keep the documentation of the overall
changes in one place and make the process more transparent for everybody.

Now let's get on with business...

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