[Python-Dev] Anyone else seeing test_struct fail?

Mark Favas m.favas@per.dem.csiro.au
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 05:28:23 +0800

[Platform: Tru64 Unix, Compaq C compiler)
The current CVS of 2.2a0 fails test_struct for me with:

test test_struct failed -- pack('>i', -2147483649) did not raise error

more extensively,
trying std iI on -2147483649 == 0xffffffff7fffffff
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Lib/test/test_struct.py", line 367, in ?
  File "Lib/test/test_struct.py", line 353, in run
  File "Lib/test/test_struct.py", line 269, in test_one
    any_err(pack, ">" + code, x)
  File "Lib/test/test_struct.py", line 38, in any_err
    raise TestFailed, "%s%s did not raise error" % (
test_support.TestFailed: pack('>i', -2147483649) did not raise error

A 64-bit platform issue?

Also, the current imap.py causes "make test" (test___all__ and
test_sundry) to fail with: "exceptions.TabError: inconsistent use of
tabs and spaces in indentation (imaplib.py, line 576)" - untested
checkin <grin>?

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