[Python-Dev] New canonical location for PEPs

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen@xemacs.org
04 Apr 2002 10:10:16 +0900

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Reifschneider <jafo-python-dev@tummy.com> writes:

    Sean> There is some reasonable mechanism for [automatically
    Sean> pushing content from CVS to the Web], as it *IS* done in
    Sean> some places.

I know XEmacs's is not perfect, but I'm fairly sure host config
changes at SourceForge and SunSITE.de have been responsible for most
of the attention the webmaster has paid to the auto-update mechanism
over the last two years.  Attention has been paid to the lock issue,
but I don't recall the resolution.

We currently keep the website content in CVS at SunSITE.de.  A CVS
commit to the website module triggers updates of the SourceForge, Tux,
and SunSITE "primary" homepages, typically taking 10-15 seconds to
propagate to all three sites, including a "genpage" run.

Adrian Aichner <adrian@xemacs.org> is the guy to talk to about the
website experience (eg, admin resources consumed since original
setup).  I believe Martin Buchholz <martin@xemacs.org> designed the
mechanism and did the original implementation.  Karl Hegbloom
<karlheg@debian.org> adapted it for a project he works on, and was the
one who brought up the lock issue most recently.  You may be able to
browse the implementation in CVSROOT at cvs.xemacs.org.  If not, I'm
sure Adrian would be willing to show it to you.

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