[Python-Dev] timeoutsocket patch

Bernard Yue bernie@3captus.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 00:14:44 -0600

Michael Gilfix wrote:
>   Hmm, how do you poll sockets on OS/2 then? If there is some way,
> then maybe that hack should go into the select library (the select
> library treats sockets specially as polleable objects). Perhaps I
> should rework the patch so that use of select is avoided if either the
> import fails or the timeout is None. But (and maybe Guido will offer
> his opinion here), I'd like to hold out to see if it really is the
> case that some system doesn't support a select equivalent for sockets.
>                -- Mike

Just found http://www.ia.amu.edu.pl/edm2/0401/socket3.html on the
web.    The documentation above mentioned select() support in IBM TCP/IP
development toolkit for OS/2.  So maybe OS/2 support select().  I
remember TCP/IP support for OS/2 comes as an optional package of IBM LAN
Manager client, back in 94-95.  Am I correct, Andrew?  Anyway, since you
have access to OS/2, can you help us to dig in a bit?


> On Mon, Apr 29 @ 08:12, Andrew MacIntyre wrote:
> > Thanks.  The EMX runtime library supports select() on sockets; I don't
> > believe that native OS/2 has select() at all, but can't confirm.
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