[Python-Dev] Simpler reformulation of C inheritance Q.

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Tue, 06 Aug 2002 17:58:43 +0200

Michael Hudson wrote:

[slots in types]

> I would wonder how much this saves.
> How many more instructions does
>   PyDict_GetItem(ob->ob_type->tp_dict, interned_string)
> take than
>   ob->ob_type->tp_my_field->mf_my_method
> ?  Sure, *some* but not all that many esp. if the called function is
> actually doing significant work.

The comparison doesn't hit the nail (as you explain
as well), since what I do right now is to call
a highly optimized C function, directly, and the
speed concerns are mainly for my C API, which is
supposed to be much faster then the Python interface.

Having to call anything but my builtin stuff hurts.
So I want at least to 'know' that my function is
not overridden, and be able to call the builtin stuff.
Doing the call all the time via


would be nice, but I'd even be pleased with some flag.
But there is no space for nothing in a type.

Second, this is most time critical code, since my
tasklet switching is now very fast (half the time
of a function call from Python) for my CFrames.
And now people ask for overriding there, which hurts
me most possible. I will either find the solution,
or leave it as it is and ask C programmers to
"grab the thing if you want the overridden method".


> I doubt my opinion counts here, but I think I'd prefer to see *less*,
> not more, methods in type object in future.  Particularly if there's
> some way to call functions with known signatures efficiently.
> Unfortunately, that seems pretty hard after five minutes thinking.

I'm not going to introduces masses of new methods for
type objects, but a generic way to introduce private

not-easy-to-stop-me-anyway-at-all-ly y'rs -- chris

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