[Python-Dev] Re: heapq method names

François Pinard pinard@iro.umontreal.ca
26 Aug 2002 08:24:49 -0400

[Guido van Rossum]

> > May I invite you to reconsider?  We are going to live with that one for
> > a loong time, you know...

> I know.  I have read and re-read your arguments, but I see nothing to
> change my mind.  Somehow the short names you suggest just seem wrong
> to me.  We can agree to disagree, but I feel strongly that the names
> should not be changed.

As you did read my arguments (from your first reply, I thought you missed
them, and this is why I tried explaining them better), and that I have
nothing substantially new to offer, that closes this discussion...  We are
solidly set on the current documentation.  To be or not to be, ... etc. :-)

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