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Tim Peters wrote:

> (Just, the point isn't to make the period stand out, it's
> to make the start of the next sentence stand out):

Sure, but there are already *two* things to make that clear: end the
sentence with a period, start the next with a capital letter. An extra space
overkill. But I guess your point may be that caps usually stand out less in
fixed-width fonts, which may be true.

>     http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2002-June/025141.html

That sucks only because the empty line between quote and followup was
from the original...

> to my eyes single-space sucks with a monospaced font and I agree with
> François on this it makes monospaced text look like a giant run-on

Don't know about canadians, but I wouldn't listen to the french : they write
spaces *before* punctuation !
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If the energy that has gone into this debate had gone into modifying
existing code, by now each different version of the text formatting function
being discussed could have an "twospace" keyword argument which could be set
to achieve the required behavior and defaulted to the author's preference.

I smell the bicycle shed here.

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