[Python-Dev] New bugtracker project

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Wed, 22 May 2002 23:54:59 +1000

>>> Guido van Rossum wrote
> Speaking of which, how real is RoundUp's DB backend?

Have a look at the backends. the basic one is
(sorry bout the URL).

It's been on my round-tuit list sometime to look at the best way to 
do an Oracle (or db-sig, to be more precise) backend, but it's never
bubbled to the top.

> Does it use
> MySQL?  *Could* it use MySQL?  *Should* it use MySQL? 

Not currently, probably, no. in that order. If we're going to use an RDBMS,
it should be postgres, not mysql.

> When this idea
> first came up, Andy Robinson asserted that it should, basically for
> the reason that David states above; I'm neutral but I certainly see
> the advantage of being able to run SQL(-ish) queries against the
> database (this helps for the SF tracker too).

I suspect that knowing Richard, and seeing where he's been spending his
train time lately, that there might be a gadfly-bolted-onto-roundupdb in
some form soon.

But I could be wrong... :)

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