[Python-Dev] deprecating string module?

Neal Norwitz neal@metaslash.com
Wed, 29 May 2002 10:45:09 -0400

Guido van Rossum wrote:

> Maybe we need a new concept, "silent deprecation"?  We would do we
> could to discourage the use of modules (like types or string) in the
> documentation, maybe even removing their documentation altogether, but
> the interpreter would not issue a warning message.

I think explicit is better than implicit.  The docs should state
that the feature is in the process of being deprecated.
First quietly, then loudly, then removed.

I would also like to see approximate dates for the schedule.
Otherwise, I fear people will say, I saw the message for 2 years,
I figured it was safe.  The message could be something like:

	XXX is deprecated and will issue a warning after D/D/D.
	XXX is deprecated and will be removed after D/D/D.

The date could be a version too.  Doesn't much matter to me.

This approach gives more insight into the general direction
of the language also, so I think it's a very good idea (+1).