[Python-Dev] Contributing...current bug status

Neal Norwitz neal@metaslash.com
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 09:57:42 -0500

I've downloaded and formatted the 325 bugs in SF.
Here's a breakdown of bugs by category (before I changed
some of the Nones to an appropriate category):

        Build			18
        Demos and Tools		 8
        Distutils		29
        Documentation		39
        Extension Modules	15
        IDLE			 1
        Installation		 8
        Macintosh		23
        None			19
        Parser/Compiler		 3
        Python Interpreter Core	26
        Python Library		78
        Regular Expressions	14
        Threads			 7
        Tkinter			11
        Type/class unification	 8
        Unicode			 6
        Windows			16
        XML			 5

There's more detail available in html format here:

gnumeric file here:

text (tab separated) here:

The info shown is: SF id #, Summary, Date Submitted, 
Assigned To, Submitted By, Category, Comments, Date of Last Comment.

Current sort criteria is by Category, then by Date Submitted.

Bugs fall into many categories including: platform specific, 
duplicates (e.g., RE max recursion), cannot be reproduced,
believed to be fixed, but the submitter has not verified the fix,
feature requests, and of course plain bugs.

I may try to work up another list of the bugs which are
almost fixed.  Meaning, bugs which need verification
or have a proposed fix attached.

It would be great if people could go through topics
of interest to them and help fix problems in that category.
Many of the bugs in the 'Python Library' are web related
(ie, cgi, htmllib, urllib[2], etc).