[Python-Dev] Snake farm

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
10 Nov 2002 23:00:14 +0100

Marc Recht <marc@informatik.uni-bremen.de> writes:

> The clean way on FreeBSD is then _not_ to define the above defines. We
> then get everything we want. 
> If you define _POSIX_C_SOURCE you get _POSIX_C_SOURCE. Not more, not
> less..

Can you elaborate? We also define _XOPEN_SOURCE. So we are entitled to
get all functions defined for UNIX.

I consider it a bug that FreeBSD does not provide a mode for
"Conforming XSI Application Using Extensions", according to


> Setting __BSD_VISIBLE is rather a hack and shouldn't be done..

If it is a hack to work around a bug in FreeBSD, then I think it is

> Please have a look at the patch, which I submitted on SourceForge.

It is way too large to be acceptable, and takes a "I care only about
one system" position. Try writing your code in a way so that it
simultaneously works with many systems, instead of special-casing each
system individually.

For example, why is it necessary to move the enable-framework