[Distutils] Re: [Python-Dev] Killing off bdist_dumb

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:13:11 +0100

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> amk wrote:
>>In the commentary attached to bug #410541, I suggest removing the
>>bdist_dumb command, because no interesting platforms actually install
>>from zip files.  
> how is bdist_dumb different from a plain bdist?
> if you decide to keep it in there, can you at least fix the
> help text:
>   bdist            create a built (binary) distribution

Hmm, I wonder why bdist is mentioned here: it's the base
class driving all the other sub-commands. bdist doesn't
do anything on its own.

>   bdist_dumb       create a "dumb" built distribution
>   bdist_rpm        create an RPM distribution
>   bdist_wininst    create an executable installer for MS Windows
> oh, dumb really means "dumb".  that's helpful.

 From the doc-string:

  create a "dumb" built distribution -- i.e., just an archive
  to be unpacked under $prefix or $exec_prefix.

The short info should probably be:

  create a drop-in installation archive

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