[Python-Dev] Re: Python-dev summary for 2002-08-15 - 2002-09-01

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 07:41:42 +0200

Fran=E7ois Pinard wrote:

> [Steve Holden]
> > It looks especially bad in my standard mailreader variable-pitch font.
> Oh!  You are touching a sensible nerve! :-)
> There are many cases where people do ASCII art in messages, and I'm not
> speaking of signatures here.  People often insert ASCII tables or simpl=
> explicative drawings, these capabilities are useful enough for not bein=
> dismissed.  You should use fixed width fonts when receiving, and even w=
> sending email.


if python really was all about "everything computers did when
I learned to use them will always be the best way to do it", it
would probably never have been invented.

and this mailing list is about python.