[Python-Dev] Re: mysterious hangs in socket code

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
19 Sep 2002 20:33:23 +0200

Mats Wichmann <mats@laplaza.org> writes:

> >> One possibility is that the Linux getaddrinfo() is thread-safe, but
> >> only by way of a lock that only allows one request to be outstanding
> >> at a time.
> >
> >The next step should be to get the getaddrinfo() source code from
> >glibc and see what it does.  It's open source, hey. :-)
> I can dig around a bit, but I have to figure out what
> I'm looking for.

I think that part is already settled: getaddrinfo, on Linux, is

> On the failure platform, are we sure Python is using
> the native getaddrinfo, not the Python-supplied one?


I think the remaining question is: Even if the GIL is released around
getaddrinfo - why is the performance of Jeremy's test script still
that bad?