How do I report a bug? (Re: [Python-Dev] Distutils documentation amputated in 2.2 docs?)

Martin v. L÷wis
03 Apr 2003 06:33:31 +0200

"Fred L. Drake, Jr." <> writes:

> One catch, of course, is that the extra blurb is always shown, even
> for people that are already logged in (I suspect the majority of use
> is by the development team); the farther down the page we push the
> actual bug information, the harder it is for developers to use.

I have now boldified parts of it; this doesn't take make space, but
should increase visibility. I hope it's not considered annoying - feel
free to undo that.

If they would allow us to put PHP into that box, we could even
suppress the text if the user was logged in.